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Treat your body to luxurious rejuvenation and relaxation in royal style in the Serenely appointed Laura spa and Saloon. Relax the spirit while your body is revitalised by the healing hands of therapists trained in a fusion of remedial practices as well as modern rejuvenation and well-being techniques. Holistic therapies drawn from all healing traditions along with internationally - in?uenced therapies soothe thesenses and restore the vital energy of the body. Unwind in the steam room or pamper yourself with beauty therapies evolved over centuries. Indulge yourself in the splendour of a bygone era at the Laura Spa ambiance.

A) Stress Therapy for ladies

1) Cleans Up Facial (30 minutes)
2) Stress Foot Massage(30 minutes)
3) Stress Head, Neck, shoulder(30 minutes)
4) Stress Hand Massage (30 Minutes)
5) Stress Manicure (20 Mts)
6) Stress Pedicure (20 Mts)

Laura Hand and Foot care

1) Classic Pedicure/Manicure (50 minutes)
2) French Pedicure/Manicure (50 minutes)
3) Paraffin Pedicure/Manicure (50 minutes)
4) Laura spa pedicure/Manicure (70 minutes)
5) Standard Nail Polish
6) Opi nail Polish


Full leg
Half leg
Full arms
Half arms
Under arms
Whole body


Full face
Eye brow
Upper Lip


Oxy Bleach
Fruit Bleach
Oxylife bleach
Oxylife d-tan
Detan booster

Laura Hair care

Gents Hair cut
Ladies hair cut
Hair setting
Hair Ironing

Hair treatments:

Hair spa
Deep conditioning
Hair fall treatment
Hair straightening
Hair smoothening
Keratin treatment
Perfect mix treatments
Mythic oil treatment

Hair colour:

High lights/foil
Root touch up
Global color
Fashion colour


Laura face therapies are unique in all aspects be it the products which are specially imported face products and play a vital role in enhancing your skin and glow on the face. We choose the facial as customised based on skin type and its requirement. Spa facials give its specific result and same time relax facial muscles and soothes the nervous provide a complete spa experience.


1) Radiant Clean Up- Recommended for all kinds of skin, the gentle softening exfoliating effectively removes dead skin cells built up on the skin, surface. Enhancing linden mask is designed to restore skin's optimum hydration and brightening effect.
2) Matt Look Clean Up- Recommended for oily skin. Eliminates dead cells and impurities. The skin is cleansed and purified and skin recovers it brightness giving matt look.

B) Hydrating (60 Minutes)

The 'absolute' nourishing facial for dry skin, a true delight! Dry skin requires Special attention to restore balance, improve hydration and encourage new Cell growth. The active floral ingredients used in this luxurious facial deeply Replenish, revive, restore the suppleness and soften dry skin and help alleviate fine lines and wrinkles.

c) Moisturising (60 Minutes)

Specially designed for dehydrated skin that is occasionally subject to flakiness and a sensation of tightness. The special mask used in this facial is rich with Active floral ingredients and vegetal milks to make the skin instantly softer There by improving the texture of the skin and freshness.

d) PURIFYING FACIAL (70 Minutes)

A gentle and detoxing facial to soothe and relieve congestion of fragile, delicate and sensitive skin. it helps calm, nourish and refresh iffitated or stressed skin reduce redness,refine and relax.Perfect for skin prone to acne and pimples.

1) Acne Defying-(Acne prone skin) for oily and combination skin helps to control excess seburn giving a matte look to one's skin.
2) Campher head-For combination skin, sensitive skin helps the skin for clearer complexion and reduces the redness of skin.

e) Age controll facial(70 minutes)

This replenishing treatment is suited for matured skin, lacking elasticity and firmness and actives contained in orange thermal mask helps upliftment and define contours of face.

1) Age smart - is for preventing aging process.
2) Age Block - is for matured and dry skin which helps in firming and giving up liftment to sagginess of face thus giving a define contour of face.
3) Oxy fresh - (for dull revitalise skin) makes the skin more oxygenating resulting into freshness and revitalization and in process removing dullness.Dull skin is set apart due to its lack of luster,hydration and uneven skin tone.Active minerals and plants extract brings in the vigor and helps to detoxity the impurities.An ideal treatment for dull and devitalized skin.

f) Brightening Facial (60 Minutes)

1) Fruit acid glow-For dark pigmented skin,patchy and discolouration on skin.Gives brightness and makes the skin iluminators.
2) Happy Bright with lightening-This helps to remove the dullness and minimize the dark spots on the skin with advanced lightening thermal mask which gives ultimate lightening to the skin and fight against the negative effects of the sun.

g) Bridal Facial Therapy-Laura signatory Facial (75 minutes)

A classicallly designed spa facial with back, neck massage,which stimulate and soothe the face muscles and nerves,helps to take out stress and strain from the face area which prevent all aspect of skin damages of face. Black mask provide a refreshing and fighten feel and the facial complicated with soothing foot massage to balance the body completely.

h) UNDER EYE TREATMENT (30 minutes)

1) Eye contour adieux (Matured and Dry) - Smoothing & reviving eye care. Diminishes puffiness and lightens dark circles, minimizing the tiny crow feet. The eye contour area is moisturized and revitalized recovering its radiance and freshness
2) Eye Delight - For youngsters, tyred and stressed eye contour area to moisturize and revitalize and recovering its radiance and freshness.
This therapy have to be performed along with cleansing facial to get complete experience.

i) For All Skin Type ( 60mts )

1) Pampering facial for Women: Day to Day stress reflects face muscles and skin intensively, Laura designed a pampering facial to relax well along with care your skin needs generally.
2) Skin fitness facial for Men : This deep cleansing, relaxing facial for men is designed to cater to your razor burn , skin sensitivity and tighten the skin. This therapy includes a de-stressing facial massage and a mask of mud to refine the pores.

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